There is more to wedding transportation than most couples getting married realize


wedding-packagesDid you know that there is more to wedding transportation than most couples getting married realize? While weddings make most people think of brides and grooms and flowers and church celebrations, there is also the question of transportation. How do you get to the church on time? Especially in the case of destination weddings where many guests will arrive to be feted and partied with no danger of drunk driving or of getting lost, getting your transportation needs arranged early in the wedding planning process IS A MUST. Don’t wait until the last minute. Figure out what you need when you start to plan.

• How many out of town guests will you have? Will they be arriving at an airport? If so, then you need to set up one transportation service for all guests so they aren’t worrying at the airport trying to figure out how to get to their accommodations.
• What about bachelor and bachelorette parties? There may be drinking involved, so make sure that your guests get to the party and back safely. Traditionally, there is a white limo for the girls and a black limo for the boys. Make sure they are safe and have fun!
• The rehearsal should not be a problem. You want all the guests to arrive on time at the same time. So make sure they have a shuttle or cab that gets to the rehearsal so that you can move on to the special day, the Wedding Day!
• On the day of the wedding, you will want your guests to be taken to the church or other location by a shuttle. The wedding party will need limousines, again black for boys and white for girls. But you could always do something less traditional and shake things up!
• Also, remember that the wedding couple needs to exit the wedding and reception in style. Make sure they have a limo wanting to sprint them away after all the rice is thrown.
• Finally, make sure all your guests get back to the airport safely. They should remember your wedding event as one that was fun AND SAFE. Having one identified transportation provider can make things run smoothly for you and your guests.sunshine-wedding-to-remember

What should you look for in a transportation provider? One that is respected in the area. One that has a range of vehicles for your needs. One that shows how professional they are, looking clean and neat, both vehicle and driver, when arriving. These are all qualities   of Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine (Phone 866-650-6333).  Make sure your transportation provider is professional. You want this wedding to be fun, meaningful, unproblematic, and SAFE.